“…children teach you so much.

It’s a real mirror of yourself.”

– Kate Hudson


If you are a parent, or ever been around a child for a significant amount of time, you can probably vouch for the reality that adults can learn a lot from children.

Whether we consider their honesty, incredible imaginations, unwavering faith, or innocence, children are extraordinary little human beings! They can teach us so much if we are ready to be teachable. When you spend time around a child, you begin to see yourself as through you are looking into a mirror.   Not a physical mirror, but a mirror that reveals your character, flaws and strengths.



It is important that we not only value and love children as Jesus did, but also that we allow God to bring revelation through their sweet spirits to us!

Next time you are around a child, even if it is just in passing at a grocery store or at church, ask the Lord to show you something about Him through them. He is our Heavenly Father, and we are His children. There are parallels through this relationship we have with Him and the relationship parents have with their children all around us! There is so much to learn and so many revelations God is waiting to etch into our hearts.

We can learn so much if we are willing to look beyond ourselves and into the eyes of a child!


Billy Walker