“Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the father, is this:

to visit orphans and widows in their affliction…”

James 1:27

This is the core of who we are.

Our deepest desire is to fulfill the pure and undefiled act of emulating the love of Jesus to orphans and widows.  We want to bring hope to the hopeless, light to the darkness, and give a voice to those who have been silenced.


It is time that we take action.  It is time that we move.

The most powerful example we have is Jesus, who selflessly came to the earth for the sinner.  In His short thirty-three years of walking dusty roads from town to town, one thing that stands out to us is the incredible ability for Jesus to see the invisible.  He saw the people who had never been seen; the people who were considered scum and not worthy of even laying eyes on.

Jesus’ heart was moved for these people.

He not only saw them, but he was unashamed to be seen with them and to commune with them.  This takes courage and compassion!

Imagine in our day and age going to the most unlovable people you can imagine, and spending time with them.  Imagine caring for them and listening to them.  Imagine taking note of their needs and desiring to brainstorm solutions with them to help them.  Imagine praying with them; having faith in them when they have never believed they could be more than a mistake or a failure.


Now a child is hardly difficult to love.

However, when you look in the eyes of a child who has lost all hope or never even known hope, it reaches a place in your soul that is undeniably uncomfortable.  It is uncomfortable because as we go home to our warm beds and run by Starbucks every few days, it isn’t fun to think about a child who hasn’t eaten in several days.  Or a child who doesn’t have anywhere to lay their head at night other than the dusty ground.

We are challenging you to be the hero.

Look at those children.  Look at their eyes.

They need a hero.

YOU ARE THAT HERO.  We all are!

Would you take a moment and see some of the children under our Sponsorship tab.  Pray.  Is the Lord leading you to act in some way today?  Is He leading you to sponsor a specific child, or support an orphanage?  Is He moving your heart to begin to pray for Expect Hope or for a specific child?  Don’t ignore the prompting of your heart.

Act now.

Be a hero today.


Billy Walker